Cats in Alanya

We met  this amazing lady Marianne (like the candy in Finland as we told her) who is taking care of cats in Alanya. Of course she can not take care of every cat in Alanya, but she is doing a great job with "her" little friends. From those cats you wouldn't know that they are stray cats, they are well taking care of and they are present when it's feeding time.

It needs a serious dedication and a big heart to take care of the cats. Marianne prepairs food every morning for the cats and takes them to the vet when necessary. When she brings the food (every day at the same time) she also cheks that everyone of them will be fed and fine. Some of the cats has difficulties to eat, for example sore gums and she will prepair meatsoup for them. Every cat is important and every day she spends 1-1,5 hours when she is feeding her sweeties.

First when I saw a cat in our hotel I was sad, because piece of the cats ear was missing. I was already creating a horrible story in my head, but when we spoke with Marianne she told that she takes the cats to vet to be neutered and that is the way to mark the cats that are allready neutered.

And how did we met Marianne? Mostly by curiosity and willingness to help. I saw her from the hotel balcony feeding cats. First me and my husband went to buy small box of cat food if we would see her again. And how lucky we were that we met her!  

The place where we met Marianne isn't the only spot where she is feeding cats, she also has other spots and she has her own indoorcats as well.

Some of you might wonder why didn't I feed the cats on my own. Reason for that is I didn't want them to get used to that, because my home isn't in Alanya, even though every time it takes piece of my heart. If you are going to Alanya and your heart beat for cats I recommend to do something, even a littlest things can help.

I'm so happy that people like her exists in this  world. ♡

Sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes ;D

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